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Membership & Prices

We offer all new visitors 1 week's FREE classes




after your free week and assuming you wish to continue training,

you have the choice to:


Pay Per Class.

This option is £5 per class and paid in cash at the start of each session.

(All Kids and Junior classes are £3 per class).


Pay Per Month (Unlimited Training).

This Monthly members option is £30 per month via standing order and offers a huge saving on the pay per class option.

All sessions are included in this option.


We do not make you sign a contract or charge an annual membership.

We do however ask that you have insurance in place.




Martial Arts by it's nature is a physical activity and just like any other sport carries a certain level of risk. We do of course try to limit this risk by training in a safe way and in a safe environment, however from time to time accidents can and do happen.


With this in mind, we want our students to be covered by an industry recognised insurance company. After a lot of research we have found that the best company to provide this cover is the UKBJJA.


It’s a very simple process with a low cost fee of £15 per year, payable to the UKBJJA via card or PayPal. (Click on UKBJJA logo to register).









Once you have registered and paid, you will then receive an email with a membership number. Please give us a copy of this information so we can hold a record of your insurance on file.



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